Running and running and running.

Running and running and running.
The mass phenomenon of running is ideally suited for activating sports sponsoring on a broad scale. If you know how.

The task:

About one third of the German population is running – it is a persistent social megatrend. That is why BMW has been engaged in running sponsorship since 2011: In the 2016 season alone, the running events supported by BMW saw about 380,000 people at the starting line and more than three million enthusiastic spectators lined the courses. Thus, the brand opens up toward new target groups – but, harnessing this rather emotional potential requires more than the mere presence as a sponsor: The brand must fully embrace contentwise the sports environment and the event by playing an active part. Only in this manner will it come across with authenticity and generate a sustainable experience for participants and spectators.


The idea:

Maximum involvement instead of mere presence. With a comprehensively activating approach, METZLER : VATER ensures that participants and spectators repeatedly encounter the BMW brand at different locations along the event courses of major marathon and half marathon races in Germany and – since 2015 – also at the Wings for Life World Run in Austria (Vienna):

This already begins a few days before the race at the pertaining running exhibition, where the specially designed BMW booth offers various activating elements, such as personalised running shirts or medals, the Energy Floor, selfies with the BMW i lead car and individualised timing chips, which actively involve the visitors. Along the race course, BMW brand ambassadors use giveaways and other elements to ensure high visibility and interaction with people at all major hotspots. Even during the race, up to 100 route vehicles and VIP shuttles generate maximum presence among participants, spectators and on TV at each event.


The result:

Long lines at the BMW booth, a high demand in activating elements and much frequented hotspots along the race course: In cooperation with sponsoring agency, akzio!, and event construction company, brandroom, METZLER : VATER has been creating an experience of the BMW brand for a wide audience since the beginning of BMW‘s running engagement, thus reaching millions of running enthusiasts and countless excited fans with sustainable effect.